Sell your goods

Kids Warehouse is a consignment store where you generate a store credit once your items begin to sell.

This is a fantastic way to not only save money for your future shopping with Kids Warehouse but also an opportunity to reuse, repurpose and recycle.

Check our STOCK REQUIRED page.


Kids Warehouse only considers Baby, Children’s & Teens Items that are in EXCELLENT Preloved Condition. This ensures that every item brought at Kids Warehouse is of extremely great quality, and where the item purchased will be a much-loved addition to the next family who buys your items.

Clothes must be Washed and Ironed, and all other items are to be Cleaned, Complete and in Great Working Order to be considered. As you would expect the better your items are presented to Kids Warehouse the quicker they will sell, so it is always important to bring your items into the store in the best condition and presentation you can. This will then ensure your account starts accumulating quickly, therefore giving you more credit to spend on your family.

A Maximum of 50 Items per visit is very important. You are more than welcome to bring in less than this, but we always ensure that no more than 50 items are considered from the seller (per visit) due to the volume of stock that arrives daily. This limit ensures that wait times for staff to go through your stock is more efficient, and a quicker process for both the seller/s and staff.

Please always Check Our STOCK REQUIRED section on our website, before coming to the store, as it is updated weekly on Sunday evenings and will inform you of the stock we will be considering that coming week. Kids Warehouse will only consider the Clothing Sizes and other Items that are required that week.

If you frequent Kids Warehouse but haven’t sold to us yet, then you may already have a good idea of how to sell to us, but if not it is a very easy process.

Step 1

Check the current “Stock Required” post located on the Kids Warehouse website

Step 2

Ensure all items you are bringing in for viewing are in excellent condition and well presented.

Step 3

When you arrive at Kids Warehouse you can place your items on the first counter as you enter the store, or if unsure, feel free to ask a staff member for assistance.

Step 4

Then, come through to the store and staff will begin to sort through your items whilst you enjoy yourself in the store (playroom provided for the kids).

Step 5

You must remain in the store whilst staff sort through your items.

Step 6

Once finished, staff will write down your details to ensure your items are listed under your name and staff will inform you if there are any returns for you to take back with you.

Step 7

Your items will generally take between 1-3 weeks to be processed into the computer, tagged and placed in the store (or picked for our online store here on the website) for selling, as you can imagine there is generally a small backlog due to the volume of items accepted into the store.

Step 8

Generally customers will check and use their store credit account when they come up to the counter to purchase any goodies from the store, but if you do live a fair distance from the store or an interstate customer then you are more than welcome to call the store to check your account on (03 ) 9776 4880.

If you require further information, or have a query regarding an item you would like to bring in for viewing, then feel free to send a private message via our social media platforms or call us on (03) 9776 4880.

Kids Warehouse will not accept items with pet hair, mould and/or rust. Goods will need to be from a smoke-free home.

Consignment Percentages range from 30%-50% depending on the type and value of the item and a 5cent admin and processing fee per item is deducted from account. (Percentages calculated after GST is deducted). Store Credit is generated from Selling of goods. Credit will be honoured for up to 3 years from drop off at the store. Items may be subject to sales, discounts or discarded if damaged in any way and that once handed to Kids Warehouse to sell, they remain the property of Kids Warehouse until sold or donated after 9 months.

Your Store Credit earned is used within the store.

Kids Warehouse accepts items between Monday to Friday 10 am – 4pm & Saturday 10 am – 2 pm.