Kids Warehouse – Carrum Downs


Kids Warehouse was first established in May of 2000 and is celebrating 21 years. With over 3000 items processed into the store at Carrum Downs each week from customers selling their items to us, we are sure you will be able to pick up many awesome hand-selected preloved items for your kids. Hand selecting our goods is to ensure they are hygienic for your little one and of the highest quality possible.


Like any secondhand store, the more you frequent Kids Warehouse the more options you will have with Stock arriving daily. 


If you can’t make it into the store then our Facebook page @kidswarehousecarrumdowns has an online store attached which can be found in the “Photos, Album” section of the page. Simply comment “Sold” on any item you would like to purchase, then private message the page to organised pickup or discuss postage options. 


Also, keep an eye out on our Social Media “Stories”, as there are always some extra goodies being featured and available for purchase. Instagram #kidswarehouse_carrumdowns


Kids Warehouse is a Consignment Store, where customers can sell their beautiful Baby, Kids & Teen items to us and generate a Store Credit once their items begin to sell. 


With new clothing & fast fashion being a leading contributor to landfill, we at Kids Warehouse are always looking to support, not only our families and their budgets, but also encouraging customers to shop green in regards to their children’s goods.


Kids Warehouse gives every seller and shopper the ability to reuse, repurpose and recycle, whilst saving quite a few dollars, and of course the opportunity to declutter their homes along the way.


The Kids Warehouse team are big believers that, the most sustainable items are the items that already exist. We strive to always bring our customers beautiful Baby, Children & Teen goods that are in great preloved condition. Gorgeous and unique pieces (as well and day to day play clothes) that will move on to another appreciative family that will then experience that “Thank you, I got this from Kids Warehouse” moment with their friends and families. 


Kids Warehouse has 4000sq feet of hand-selected preloved Baby, Kids & Teens Items with an inventory of around 280,000 pieces on any given day. The store even includes a large play area for the kids, a baby change area and kitchen facilities to assist with any parent or careers needing to feed whilst shopping at Kids Warehouse.

As part of our 21st Birthday celebrations, we not only completely repainted the external façade of our factory, but we have also now dedicated a new “Market Corner” to support other small businesses. The Kids Warehouse team have carefully hand selected these stallholders (and more to come), to ensure that they are able to bring value to our customer’s families. Come in and check out our new “Market Corner” and not only support all our beautiful families that sell their preloved items to Kids Warehouse, but now also small businesses that are paving their way to creating amazing visions for the future. 


Kids Warehouse is and always has been built on the foundations of helping as many families as we can and adding a very unique type of value to their lives. 


Sometimes we are asked, “Why is it that people come from all over Victoria (and interstate) to shop at Kids Warehouse?” and to be honest only our customers really know, but in all the years of speaking with our customers we believe it is a range of reasons, maybe one reason or maybe many. We believe that customers support and shop at Kids Warehouse because it saves their family money, they have an opportunity to easily sell on their goods and exchange for items they need, some are die-hard recyclers and will only shop preloved, some shop us because they only support small business, some shop with us because they know that every item sold at Kids Warehouse supports another family, and some just enjoy a unique experience, because Kids Warehouse is not your usual fast fashion retail store. There is a lot more to Kids Warehouse than meets the eye and we would love for you to come in and see how Kids Warehouse can assist your family. 


We also have “Layby” available and a “Wait List” if you are on the lookout for something in particular. Always know that Kids Warehouse has a lot of moving parts and if you can’t find what you’re looking for out on the floor, then please shout out and we may just have it out in our storeroom.  


We can’t wait to meet you and your family at Kids Warehouse, and please introduce yourself when you come in, as we love to get to know our customers and are often a big part of their lives. Some of our most beautiful memories so far is watching our customer’s kids grow up utilizing the store, and now those once young children are having their own babies and now raising them as Kids Warehouse fans.  


Happy 21st Birthday Kids Warehouse and most importantly a massive thank you to all our beautiful and loyal Kids Warehouse customers.